Trauma Therapy


Does it feel like you are constantly on guard? Are you feeling depleted or exhausted by the uncertainty of what will trigger you? Do you feel unable to move on because of how your past has affected you?

Trauma difficult and painful.

Trauma may resemble an exposed wound just asking to be prodded. It may leave a psychological mark that lasts a lifetime and lives in both our bodies and thoughts. The hardest part is that it may prevent us from moving forward, causing us to make survival-based judgments as opposed to being able to discern what we truly want and need. Existing with a lingering wound is already vulnerable, which is how trauma frequently feels. On top of that, asking for help might be really scary. Good news: we are here to provide it- you don’t have to ask.

Heal from trauma in a gentle and safe space.

It might be difficult to overcome trauma without a secure, judgment-free environment to investigate what transpired. At Cook Counseling and Consulting, we value the fortitude that your vulnerability demonstrates and understand that it should not be treated casually. As you reclaim your body, mind, and spirit and create room for compassionate healing that meets you where you are, we want to assist you. Most importantly, we want to recognize you as you put in the effort to get over your sorrow and rediscover your own self. Set up your first appointment now to get started on your journey toward healing.


We offer support through healing.

No one of us can handle healing alone; it’s messier than we realize and life is similarly messy. Your traumas don’t need to establish a permanent residence in you, even though some wounds take longer to heal than others. You can start recovering at our office in a welcoming and secure environment.

Let us assist you in carrying the burden that might result from experiencing trauma. We will create room for all the complex feelings that come along with it, including rage, fear, indifference, hatred, etc. You deserve to be held and seen for whatever you’re experiencing. Our experiences and emotions may loosen their grip on us only when we create room for them.

However, making space for all that surfaces after a tragedy can be a burden for one individual to bear alone. To distribute the weight, we are here.

Our group of exceptional therapists offers innovative therapy in a welcoming, secure, and encouraging setting. Our therapists are highly skilled in a range of evidence-based techniques, including Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy (EMDR).

It’s our mission to…

Create a welcoming environment where you may examine whatever emotions you may be experiencing.

Provide you with a private space and encouragement to talk about your experiences.

Help you determine this incident’s short- and long-term effects on your life.

Work through your trauma responses, identify them, and assist you in creating a strategy for handling them when they arise.

Together, we’ll determine which type of therapy will provide you with the most comprehensive care. Get in contact with us to get started.

Healing is possible. Start your journey now.

Our therapists are here to work with you, as gentle guides, facilitating autonomous healing and self empowerment. Holistic Consultation is here to provide a safe, shame free environment for you to explore what trauma brings up for you, navigate difficult emotions, and take steps to move forward without abandoning your needs.


Next Steps

It is very possible to obtain an understanding of what is happening in your life and feel secure moving forward.

With the right help, you can start moving forward in small, but impactful, ways.

Cook Counseling and Consulting is here to help.

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